GMod PERP 3.0 Help (MySQL Error)

Hello Fellow Face Punch Members,

I’m having a little problem linking MySQL to my server, I do everything it says for me to do, I install it correctly, I put the tables in the MySQL Properly, however the game isn’t properly functional. Meaning upon connecting to my server, it wont let you choose/make you’re own RPName, the NPC’s aren’t currently functioning properly, basic PERP stuff.

I was wondering if one of you kind people could help me please, I really want my server to be up and running by the end of tonight so I really need this help.

Here are some pictures:

In-game images:

Please help me fix this issue!




I Don’t believe we are allowed to help you since you are using a Leaked Gamemode. Sorry.

I don’t see how this relates to MySQL, if it does make sure all the correct info is put in and that you have the two mysqloo dlls installed correctly.

You also shouldn’t pirate you silly goose.

Then why support him amd give him help? Report his post as “Warez” and he’ll get what he deserves.

Because by not I could care less about this gamemode, the issue want even gamemode related.