Gmod physics issue

So I am having an issue with my gmod physics on certain objects. I can go into certain CSS objects such as the couch and some shelves and cars. I have the css content mounted properly as you can see in the below documents. I just need help trying to figure out a fix to this.


(if that doesn’t work here is a link:

Mount.cfg file:

// This determines what content the server tries to mount.
// Content in folders outside of "gmodbase" will only be loaded if
// files for the corresponding game are installed on the machine.
// Two slashes at the beginning of a line means that the line won't
// be processed.
  "cstrike"          "../gmodbase/cstrike"
  "dod"              "../gmodbase/dod"
  "tf"               "../gmodbase/tf"
  "hl2mp"            "../gmodbase/hl2mp"
//  "zps"              "../sourcebase/orangebox/zps"
//  "pvkii"            "../sourcebase/orangebox/pvkii"
//  "dystopia"         "../sourcebase/orangebox/dystopia"
//  "ageofchivalry"    "../sourcebase/orangebox/ageofchivalry"
//  "insurgency"       "../sourcebase/insurgency"
  "ep2"              "ep2"
  "episodic"         "episodic"
  "lostcoast"        "lostcoast"
  "hl1"              "hl1"
  "hl1mp"            "hl1mp"
  "zeno_clash"       "zeno_clash"
  "portal"           "portal"
  "diprip"           "diprip"
  "left4dead2"       "left4dead2"
  "left4dead"        "left4dead"
  "portal2"          "portal2"
  "swarm"            "swarm"
  "nucleardawn"      "nucleardawn"
  "dinodday"         "dinodday"
  "csgo"             "csgo"

I would appreciate any help greatly… Thank you in advance.

Your server is missing CS:S content files. ( How did you get the maps, hm? )

I forgot to mention, I have my server hosted through NFO if that matters any.

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Bump, because I don’t see if I am hosting a server through NFO that steamCMD will do me any good unless I copy and paste the files that are downloaded somewhere.

Note* this didn’t work either, and I have a TTT server also that doesn’t have this issue, and I never used steamCMD

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So I talked to NFO, and they double checked my server and said that CSS was mounted properly and the mount.cfg was working well also. So I am not sure what the issue is.