Gmod physics speed

How in gmod 13 do you make it so props can move faster than 53mph and spin faster as well?

Add more thrusters? There is no hard coded limit for speed of props specifically, though Source does have it’s limits, it’s nowhere near 53 mph, so just adding more objects that can increase a prop’s speed are really all you need.

Well it is when offline a car I have made out of ACF parts can only go 53mph. online the same dupe can hit 85mph. I know in gmod 12 the was a mod to change the max speed and rotation speed.

If it’s an issue with ACF, then it’s not a Garry’s Mod issue, it’s an ACF issue. There is a thread in the ‘Mods and Addons’ section, or possibly the ‘Lua Scripting’ subsection, that particularly relates to ACF. There you’ll get more specific help on your issue.

There is no hardcoded 53mph limit in Gmod though, that’s for sure.

Yeah man your right it’s something to do with acf and my single player. Because i tossed like 10 thrusters on the back of the car and sure enough it went past 53mph.

IIRC the limit is 2000 units/sec or 113 mph. Somebody made a plugin a few years ago that let you change the limit with console commands (DEADBEEF?) but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

It was jinto’s adv physics, and I tried it but does not seem to work any more. Even after changing the info.txt to addon.txt

Hey can you link the Jintos Adv Physics please? Thanks
I can get it fixed for you. :slight_smile: