Gmod Picking Map I Don't have

Well i just got my Gmod TTT Server from Xenonservers and its up and running but when it goes to switch maps no matter if i delete everything except the TTT maps in my folder it always goes to CS_Italy the next map is always set to that and its not even in my maps but it just keeps appearing in my graphing folder inside the maps folder can someone please tell me how to fix this so i can make only my TTT Maps Rotate

Also Additional Question Does Anyone Know how to setup map voting I Heard thats popular

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Try checking for a mapcycle.txt file on your server, and see if cs_italy is in it.

If you use ULX Admin Mod the votes are set up automatically. You can start votes with command or using the !menu

If you’re lazy and don’t want to make a cycle, you can go to your CS:S content folder and delete cs_italy from the map folder.

I can’t find a mapcycle.txt anywhere i have to use the xenonserver control panel thing i cant find it in any of these folders

If its not in garrysmod/cfg, then create it.

i have a cfg folder but i dont see it should i create a text file in there and if i do what should it look like the file like what words do i put