Gmod pictures.

Some gmod pictures that I made some time back. Hopefully people will “like” them. But I’m expecting someone to try and be big headed…

Well… at least the title is accurate. That’s a good starting point. Work from there.

You gotta turn up the AA and Graphics to the highest after finshing your pose and before taking the pic. And dont use npcs and the default blood.

I’m sorry to say that… but it sucks hard. Work on your posing and turn up graphics. Also, the title is not descriptive enough, we’re on a Garry’s Mod forum, in the Screenshots section… do you seriously think we don’t know you’ll post Gmod pictures ?

  1. Where is it that my posing is going wrong then?

  2. I cant increase my graphics output or my AA any higher… Unless you want to buy me a new state of the art computer then.

  3. I couldnt think of a better title and the 3 pictures are based around 3 different games to each other so its hard to think.

  1. Thanks for that, i’ll keep it in mind

  2. Where can I get other types of blood than just the defaults?

  1. Everywhere. Think about whether a pose looks human and natural… because none of these do. For a start, tuck in the arses of all of your upright poses.

  2. “State of the art computer”? This is the Source Engine. Buy a crappy Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT for less than $100 and you will be able to run Source on highest settings… maybe not at a good framerate if the rest of your computer is even worse but that won’t matter; you’re only taking pictures.


Actally i’m a Brit and my computer only has 1 GB RAM but I do have a GeForce 9200

I’m also British but dollars seem to be the universal currency of the world so I gave the sum in that. I don’t know what the spec of that card is but it’s probably better than my old computer (guess influenced by the fact you have a GB of RAM). Don’t stop posing just because you have a shit computer though; keep practicing and when that glorious day comes when you have enough money for an upgrade you’ll be able to show off your new hardware with some decent poses.