GMOD Pinion immunity for ULX groups

I know there’s immunity through the ‘users.txt’ for admins (pinion_motd_immunity_group “admin”) , but is there any other way to make some immune of a certain ULX group such as moderators’

Sorry if this is a stupid question but any assistance or ways around needing to be an admin would be great, thanks.

Don’t use Pinion, it’s terrible and laggy.

So you don’t want admins and moderators to suffer through adverts, but you’re perfectly okay with randomers and regulars having to

lol okay

Those kind of servers also die pretty quickly

Pinion? Oh you mean that thing I see right before I disconnect.

If you don’t want admins to sit through it, you’re pretty much admitting you find pinion obnoxious but you don’t care as long as it’s not affecting you :v: