Gmod play as birds mod??

I have googled far and wide and I can’t seem to find the addon used in this video where you play as birds. Idk if it’s a map thing or a gamemode thing or what. Any help would be appreciated. It looks like they have their own mechanics as well so I don’t think it’s just a playermodel. Most likely a gamemode?

Also it’d be cool if I could get the name of the map they’re playing on

It’s a swep, google “bird swep” or something and you should find it

ty, also how about the map they’re playing on?

I dunno. Didnt really watch the video. Do they not provide links in the description/comments?

Unfortunately he doesn’t provide links to any material used in his video.

there is a workshop addon called Pills something and it has a pill that turns you into a flyable seagull, pigeon or crow.

You could use that?

that’s because hes a shitty person, maybe if he actually gave a shit about the people who spend time making these “mods” then he would at least give 2 shits to credit the creators and link the workshop addon.

Though no colors in this one, you can most likely just color tool folk.

Shiiit, even shitty LPers like venturiantale at the very least provide links to their stuff.