Gmod player here want info on rust from past gmod players.

So i played rust back when zombies were a part of it, What has changed since the removal of zombies, that will make it worth playing.

I personally lost interest with the removal of zombies and decided to go back to gmod.

Is there an active modding community?
Are there any gamemodes
How much different is modding for rust compared to gmod.

What is the main reason you enjoy playing rust over gmod.

there is not really a modding community for rust (in the same sense as Gmod). there are server plugins to modify the parameters of the game, and the skin workshop for gear, but that’s about it.

well that is unfortunate… is it possible to mod rust more then some basic settings and parameters

The plugins available for Rust is a lot more than changing some basic settings and parameters.
Some of the plugins out there can literally make Rust into a whole other game, some plugins changes ingame items to other types of items, tons of plugins that give various info and admin controlled plugins.

So there isn’t any mod community, but there’s a thriving plugin community. Two of the larger ones are Oxide or Pluton, which each contain tons of plugins.