Gmod Player Models

So how exactly do you play as any ragdoll?
I saw this one video of this guy playing as a mattress and I want to know how you could convert any ragdoll into a playable character.

This isn’t a technical problem so I didn’t think help and support would be the right place for this.

3 ways

  1. He made a matress skin and plays as it

  2. he used somthing like a Swep or a Stool…or somthing

  3. He is a inconsiderate hacker that kills puppies…

Model Minipulator:

Instuctions are displayed on screen when you use the tool

There’s a mattress player model as well.

What folder do I extract the manipulator into?

I would think addons.

I dunno why, but seeing a mattress killing people makes me crack up…

You’re right, that would be hilarious

Noice! imma use this as my default (on non-joinable multipayer hosting D: ) from now on, thanks :smiley: