GMOD Player Models

Hey guys firstly can someone make this a player model?

And also, how come some player models are errors when you look at their icon in the player models section and in darkrp jobs but the player model themselves are not actually errors (how come the icon for some player models are errors)

Any help would be kindly appreciated!

Errors might be because there is no spawnicon for the model, but that really dosen’t seem to be something bothering.

Also making this a playermodel would be hard, because it has the non HL2 bone rigging skeleton,but I support and good luck finding someone to make this

what do you mean no spawnicon for the model? how can i make/get one?

I actually honestly think I’d rather have the spawnicon than the player model…(in this case at least)

You need to reset the spawnicon through Q menu.

what about my clients in darkrp? will they still see an error when they look at the jobs?