Gmod Playerd Model Animations Messed Up.

Whats up guys,
so i have some player models to be used in Dark RP.
However the animation is retarded sometimes… For example when the player uses guns, phys gun, and grav gun, the animation is perfect.

but when it holds the arrest batton, or keys, it just goes into t-pose mode (i think it is to do with one handed items)

Also when the person is standing still, the animation is fine.


also in the job list (f4 menu) the walking animation is just… like a monkey on speed having a seizure!
Job list menu

Please help me to fix this,
an explanation/ tutorial would be nice as i like to learn this stuff as well!
Cheers, Mark

(if anyone is interested, im trying to create a ww2 rp server, as all others have gone down!)

For the first one, the animations are broken. It is probably missing a line of animations in the QC. The second is because it tends to happen in DarkRP, dunno why, but why does it matter if its working right ingame?

ok so how do i fix this?.. and also thats the thing it doesnt work… it seems alot of my models have the same problem


Do you have the files as they could be using the wrong animations.

Sure thing,
These dont work…
or these…

The first ones are npc… which i didnt notice… i guess that has somthing to do with it…
Still i would like to use them as player models.

As a test try replacing all the american files with these to see if it changes anything if not then it’s darkrp.

:open_mouth: i love you… what did you do?
it worked by the way :L

So all the american ones work fine then?

yep… seem to

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and this is where you say… you did nothing :L

Try the commonwealth ones next:

Again perfect… its worth noting the menu walking animation (video) in the f4 menu, is also fixed

Here is the last two:



the germans dont seem to be working :confused:

I need a bit more information than that.

as in, the problems listed at the start of the topic.
all worked apart from german

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Wait no you still are a legend i fixed it now…
so how do you fix all this?
and what did you do?

Can anyone tell me what he did?