Gmod Playermodel Request - Lucina

Hi, I just registered to this site, and I’m hoping this is the correct thread subject, so sorry if it’s not!
Anyway, I was wondering if anybody with any playermodel creating experience could make one for me, since the whole process is really confusing to me.

The model is through this link:

It comes with a handful of alt colors, so that would be cool if they were included as like, separate bodygroups or something when you select it in the playermodel menu.
A response would be greatly appreciated!


P.S, this is also what it looks like, also with the alt colors (the ones I wanted anyway) mentioned.

Nobody? :\

It hasn’t even been a day, dude. Just wait a few days at the least before you bump the thread again, someone might respond by then.

I could take a shot at Lucina, but the model you linked is a Brawl mod of Lucina. I think the model of her from Sm4sh Wii U would look much better.
I don’t know if anyone has ported her yet though.

I have her model, just stopped for the time being because I’m just trying to find interest in doing her model.

Yeah, I tried my best to look for one, but it doesn’t seem like there was one that was free to take. But that’s the second best one I could find in terms of appearance.

Well, I was looking around deviantart and found a XNALara model of her from Sm4sh Wii U. Imma go check how it looks, tinker with her a bit and see if I can fit her to a playermodel rig.

One thing’s for sure, the textures need to have their “details” textures merged with the diffuse. Looks kinda bland without it.

Okay, cool! Yeah, it’s just I’m not too big on the lack of detail it comes with, like RTB said. It’s the same way with the Zero Suit Samus SSBU playermodel’s lack of shine and facial detail, but I guess whatever works, works. I’m glad you got one.

[Edit] Oh wow, you’re actually the one who made that playermodel. Nice!

By the way, did that version also come with the alternate colors like mine did in the file? It would be cool if they were included as like separate bodygroups as I mentioned above, but if it’s too much work, you don’t have to.

The one I have is missing too much. I really want to work with Lucina from Smash Wii U since it has such a nice model but this one was altered too heavy for XNALara. This one doesn’t have her other color schemes or mask either. and it’s missing the original cape texture.
If anyone has Lucina from Smash Wii U I’d love to work on her, but this one just isn’t right.

Does my original model not work at all? I mean, I can see that the sword in the hand might be a problem, but other than that, what else makes it un-usable?

I’m just kinda tunnel visioned by desire to rig her Smash Wii U version xD
I’ll check your Lucina out though. The sword won’t be a problem though.

LOL, I gotcha. But yeah, I’m curious to see how it looks in-game. Thanks for the quick response

I took a look at her and loaded her in GMOD. She looks really messy atm. I think it’s due to her triangles being crazy. Some are flipped and some aren’t and I don’t know if there is a quick way to fixing that other than manually going in and flipping them. anywho, here are some pictures (Sorry they’re large)

Here you can see the messiness

Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean, sure, the face looks a bit pointy close up, but it’s nothing too serious from what I see.

I’m not sure what you’re using, but in 3ds Max you can open the Editable Mesh modifier, select by Element, select all, scroll down to Surface Properties and hit Unify to fix the normals.

I would’ve taken a crack at this myself even though I don’t know dick about Fire Emblem, if not for the fact that she inexplicably has absolutely no bones even though she’s supposed to be a Brawl hack.
Weighting isn’t my strong suit. :v:

Oh, thank! I’ll try that. I have 3ds max and am getting acquainted to it still so thanks. I’ll let you know if it works out.

There we go! Thank you so much again Sgt. Lulz! That woulda taken ages to do manually. Here’s a shot.

On a side note. There isn’t a way for to get $translucent textures to work better that I’m unaware of, is there? I can try “$mostlyopaque” again but last time it didn’t work right. and I may be doing something wrong, I’m no pro at textures.
(This is running alphatest atm, which doesn’t look as clean)

$mostlyopaque will render the model in two passes with the second being for transparency, though it doesn’t exactly fix the issues that $translucent brings. The only clean way is to use $alphatest, though someone also found that you can duplicate the transparent part(s) of the mesh, flip the faces, and then use one side as $translucent with the other as $alphatest.