Gmod Playermodel request

Hi, I’m new in here and this is my first post, i want to have one model, what is unfortunately for SFM and I don’t know how to port or move it to Gmod.

My friend told me a have to use crowbar, decompile model, open Blender and re-rig model or something like that. I tried it but result was horrible. My friend can’t rig (if he could, I would not write here)

So I decided to ask someone for help.

Model that I would like to have is Slig from Oddworld (I’m huge fan of that series) :
It would be cool if someone will make glowing eyes.

And also sorry for my English.

Rigging a model is a complicated and time consuming process, but since it’s already a ragdoll it means it already is 50% done, I doubt anyone will help unless they’re fan of the series and decide that’s a good idea, I suggest trying again but following a tutorial step by step, I suggest this:

Okay. Thank you for this. I will try it.