Gmod Playermodel Tutorial 2014 [3ds Max]

3ds Max 2012 Playermodel Tutorial
This is going to be a 3 part tutorial covering the whole porting process. I recommend watching it in full screen in 1080p for the best quality. Sorry if you find my voice annoying (I’m 15 for those of you wondering) and yes I do make a bunch of mistakes throughout the video. I am in no way a professional, and didn’t edit out my mistakes or bothered to correct them. Some parts I had trouble explaining, so if you have questions do be afraid to ask. Throughout the videos my voice gets quiet as I made this last night.

What’s included:
Part 1

  • Finding a model
  • Rigging the model to a valve skeleton

Part 2

  • Scrubbing the animation
  • Skinning using weights
  • Jiggle Bones (forgot to mention you need to add the bone to the modifier list then weigh the vertices to the bone)
  • Exporting as .smd

Part 3
-Setting up the .qc
-Compiling the model
-Setting up addons folder
-Converting textures
-Finishing up

List of programs and tools you need: (will add in a download link for skeleton and .qc files)
Garry’s Mod (download using steam)
Source sdk (download using steam)

3ds Max 2012

3ds Max 2012 smd import/export plugins (see below downloads)

3ds Max 2012 service pack 2 (fixes weight tool problems)

3ds Max weight script (can configure it to shift + 1 see 3ds max controls) vtf export plugin

VTF Edit


Valve skeleton (see below downloads)

File/Folder Downloads:

Valve skeleton (import male_07_reference.smd then click and delete the mesh)

3ds Max 2012 import/export plugins + weight script (browse to where you installed 3ds max then extract files into their proper folders)

3ds Max Controls:[/t]
Middle mouse button to Pan
Cube to rotate camera
Ctrl + click to select verticies
Ctrl + alt to deselect verticies
Shift + 1 (need to configure this) to use weight script - click “customize” in the toolbar at the top then under “category” select “custom skin tools” then click on the hotkey and assign it to shift + 1 then hit “assign”

Gmod Playermodel Tutorial Part 1

Gmod Playermodel Tutorial Part 2 (once its finished processing you should be able to view in 1080p)

Gmod Playermodel Tutorial Part 3

Gmod Playermodel Tutorial Skinfamilies

Skin families:
Make sure to convert the textures to .vtf and .vmt format and place them in your materials folder (see part 3 of making a player model if you need help) .

For switching 2 textures at a time

$texturegroup skinfamilies
    { "original_colors"  "eyes" }
    { "original_colors"  "sage_eyes" } 
    { "original_colors"  "kyuubi_eyes" }
    { "alternate_colors"  "eyes" }
    { "alternate_colors"  "sage_eyes" } 
    { "alternate_colors"  "kyuubi_eyes" }

For switching 1 texture at a time

$texturegroup skinfamilies
    { "original_colors" }
    { "alternate_colors" }
    { "another_color" }

Future tutorials:
Skin families [completed]
Playermodel to NPC
Ragdoll to Gmod playermodel
CSS playermodel to Gmod playermodel

Helpful threads and links: (another way to rig and make a playermode - ragdoll to playermodel) (making a ragdoll) (npc/playermodel .qc info) (3d models) (proper .qc annotated by Lucky9Two) (add eye posing)

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What script did you use for the weights?

Heres the video I got it from. It’s called QuickSkinVertexWeight.mcr.

Alright, thanks.

Nice Tutorial man! i will read it step by step and try to make =)

Seeing as you know how to rig and stuff, would you mind I add you to help me rigging a viewmodel I’m making? I’ve made my own referencemesh, but just need help figuring shit out.

Feel free to add me, I’ll see what I can do to help.

Finally! A tutorial!

i know that is not the right section, but anyone know a tutorial to export 3ds models to mdl? to use in cs go as static models or even animated models like door… a long time ago i tried that with wall worm and i failed =X…

I use a tool created by Wunderboy and I find it easy to use. I’m not sure about Wallworm so I can’t help you with that. Exporting to .mdl is pretty universal though. All you need is a physics model, reference model and sequence model. Once you have all that, you create a file called a qc file (this tells the Source Engine what to do with these files and where the compiler exports them). Once you have that, your model should be in-game.

P.S. Wunderboy only supports versions of 3ds Max until 2012.

Bump, in case more people want to know.

Just in case people want to add eye posing to their model.

Rather than bumping these threads, it’d be nice if we could compile together a collection of newer tutorials like these that can be compiled into a list in a stickied thread (assuming any mod(s) in this section are onboard). It’d certainly be much easier than trying to constantly dig up these threads when someone asks for help if there’s a big stickied thread named “TUTORIALS.”

i cant find the doenload to the lua file try this

Thanks you so much :slight_smile:

I followed all of this, but in game, my model is invisible, and won’t let me select it.