GMOD Posing technique problem.

I tried using this tutorial to pose a ragdoll, but the problem is when I attack the npc after setting “phys_timescale 0” he falls down. And I can’t move him.

sv_cheats 1

By the way who did this tutorial? It’s really interesting!

Lazy, lazy posing method. This takes all the creativity out of posing.

I don’t see how this is any different from using NPCs

wow now this is so useful

well you can put a npc and freeze it in the midle of an animation, but that can be done too with “AI” in 0 in the npcs menu

Title: Posing guide for newcomers

For Beginners, also antlions are hard as HELL to pose

This technique is for pussies.


also it was made in GMod 9 which is why it won’t work for you.


ahhh, the days of gmod 8
good times
plus this is a lazy mans way of posing which i will never use

i’ve actually never heard of this method besides here, interesting, but like chesty said takes all the fun out of it