Gmod Posting

On I can’t seem to post. I have an acount verified and everything, but can’t seem to actually post, The button seems to be invisible. Any help?

(Yes I am new to the Gmod and the site and have no knowlage whatsoever of scripting) is not associated to Garry’s Mod at all. Maybe you mistyped and meant to write If that’s the case, you need to click on the green button in the top-right hand corner of the webpage and login with your Steam username and password.

Also, for posting on or the wiki pages, I believe you may need a Disqus account.

Thaks, It was I am logged in (and have it set up to automatically log in) I’ll try the Disqus account, Once again thanks :smiley:

EDIT: I checked out Disqus and it seems to be more of a thing for setting comments up on a website.