GMod Pro Hacker by DJ Lamp

not me :smiley:

“not me :D”

  • channel name - “RadarKITTIX”

also that video was fucking retarded, im sorry.

i ment not me singing, yo don’t hate the goods


why the fuck did i just waste those 3 minutes of my life?


nah yo yo you did not waste yo 3 minutes of yo life, its a very awesome music video! yo!

K1tt1x is some edgy wana-be troll thing, it gets quite annoying after some time.


how can anyone be a “Pro” hacker that’s retarded

you press “Aimbot toggle” and boom everyone is dead

This is the literal definition of “trash”.

what in the fuck is this even supposed to be

A troll thread


Hmm, which thread is better. This, or gmod jokes?

Kittix spooks me, we should be afraid of those 1337 haxers. Did you see their thread asking for a crosshair hack? 3spooky5me

yo yo, it’s a troll! yo! don’t watch his goods yo!

mad cuz bad, im no troll yo

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Blazyd))

Stopped watching after 5 seconds, really.