Gmod Problem - Graphics Card perhaps? HELP

Intro; Hey guys, my name is Dante.
I’ve had this problem with Gmod for ages, but every time it occured to fix it all I would have to do is restart my PC. But now, restarting doesnt seem to fix anything… Maybe I require many the opinion of the public? Definately.

Body; Okay so I’ve got some screenshots here, along with my PC specs.

AMD athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01 GHz, 2.0 GB of RAM,
and I’m running Windows XP Service Pack 3 (version 2002).
My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT,
and I have about 10GB freespace and a total of 150GB hard-drive.

Addons / Mods; I’ve got PHXv3 SVN, Wire SVN, Wiremodels SVN, WireExtras SVN, all Gcombat SVNs, Adv Dupe, Smartsnap, Conna’s Toolpack, and the following games that support gmod content;

ALL the HL2s, Portal, TF2, and CSS.


End; Any help or insight would be an incredible help. I’ve looked around and haven’t found much. Anybody having any ideas?

Thanks, Dante.

*EDIT; Also I figured while I’m here asking for help with Gmod problems, anybody know about this one? Just happened now while testing the -dxlevel command.


*EDIT; 3rd Problem isnt just gmod related, happens even in Warcraft III Frozen Throne. Suddenly everything freezes for a few seconds, and once it catches up everything is pixelated and spaztic… And if I do not close the program within the next 15 seconds or so, it closes anyway, and my resolution is all messed up. It then has an error saying my VGA Display Driver has stopped working, followed by a blue screen then system shutdown. I used to get this, so I updated my drivers, didnt work. Then I upgraded my graphics card and that worked for a while, but now the problem is back… What to do? Sorry for all the problems guys XD

Screenshot (of just after it freezes, but before the game closes and my PC crashes);

Well first off, Try running gmod in Fullscreen, It could make a difference, Secondly, have you tried Tuning your ingame Graphics? Thirdly, Try a fresh reinstall of Gmod.

Right click Gmod in steam, choose properties, then click set launch options, in there type in “-dxlevel 81”

My graphics arent the best, they are high though… I tried putting them on low and there was no change O.o

What does this -dxlevel command do exactly? Previously I was told to do something similar to fix a reliable snapshot error or some other error… It didnt make things better but worse, it was a while ago though I do not recall too well…

It sets your direct X level to 8.1, it really shouldn’t make it worse, “-dxlevel 7” fucks things up.

It changes it so that it can dun in direct x 8 instead of 9, I Don’t get it your processor should handle it, but it would need to be on lower settings… hmmm Ram is good, doesn’t make any sense graphics can run Crysis O.0

It really couldn’t not without it looking shit, his processor couldn’t handle it either, but it should be able to handle source, do the “-dxlevel 81” tweak and let me know how it goes.

Oh, on the google poop it shows maybe I shoulda watched the video, yeah with a better processor you could play on high :smiley: Hey my processor must be OK, I’m seeing avlot of 2010 gaming with 2.00 processors and I have a 2.8 ghz from 2004?

2.00 as in Dual Core?

Ok, so I entered that -dxlevel command and it changed a bunch of the text, and the resolution, also made the game Full Screen. I joined a server to test the issue, but the game crashed straight away. *EDIT; The extra error has been added to my origional post after my thanking people for helping, may aswell upload it incase anybody knows…

Anyhow, if so I want to avoid running Gmod fullscreen because when I try to alt-tab it takes many minutes, or crashes. Also my PC is free of viruses, and is defragged monthly so it should be efficient. But when it crashed the first problem seemed to be fixed… Advice on the new problem? Haha

Well, lol that happens at random once in a while, is your dx still on 8? try 8.1 or just 8, if it doesn’t work try 9 again just to see if it gets past this

He already set it to 8.1, OP set it to 7 and tell me what happens.

Alright well, I removed the -dxlevel command because it kept settin my resolution to a disgusting 1024x768 when my resolution is 1680x1050, and I got this timeold error… Check the origional post for details at the end and a screenshot T.T

*EDIT; Tried it without the -dxlevel command and it is working finally, no clue why it didnt work the other times… Anyhow the 3rd problem still remains, but it’s an every now and then thing, and is fixed via rebooting the computer till next time. Thanks for all your help guys, feel free to try help me with my 3rd problem if you want, but I dont really mind. I’m just so glad that my Gmod is finally working and I can build all those ideas that were trapped in my mind :smiley:

using the -dxlevel 81 thing after that type in “-w 1680 -h 1050”

His PC is very similar to mine, and I’ve not had any problems so far.

AMD athlon 64 x2 Dual core processor 5000+ 2.6Ghz
2048MB (2.0GB) DDR2 ram
geforce 9800GT 1gb GDDR3

Mhmm, I really don’t know, OP did you say you reinstalled Gmod?

Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?


Obvious one right here…

Do you mean type that in console or the same open with thing?

Also - I did try updating my graphics drivers, then it didnt work so I got a new card, and then the 3rd problem still occured… That was the whole motivation for gettin a new card, then updated the drivers with the new card.

I mean set the launch options, right clicking on gmod, properties, set launch options.