GMOD Problem: Stuck at Retrieving Server Info. Any solutions?

I have been searching for solutions for this problem, and I have had no success.

Some more information:
I have about 61 addons on the server (its a fool-around sandbox server for me and a few friends.) Could this be the problem?
I am running it off a start.bat.
It loads half way to 3/4 of the way with “Retrieving Server Info” and the logo just keeps on spinning as if it taunts my very soul!
I am running it off a srcds dedicated server on my laptop. (And yes it has worked before just fine)
No one can join my server, not even myself due to this issue.

Any help would be appreciated. I truly hope there is a harmless solution to this problem.

EDIT: I would also like to add this to any of the admins/mods who I may have pissed off over the past 2 weeks by misplacing posts that I apologize for my own wrong-doings. That is all. I guess forums aren’t a place for me (I naturally only look at forums). Thanks for correcting me and such!

Try disabling all of your addons, and see if it helps. If it does, then yes the addons are the problem

Have you changed the location/setup of the laptop?
If so, it would be worth it to check the router/modem for port forwarding changes.

I’ve had a similar issue due to content that has to be downloaded. Move all of your content to the workshop and the problem should be resolved.

I don’t mean to sound stupid or what not, but I am a tad bit lost XD
I downloaded every addon from the workshop and then added it each one to the FastDL (workshop.lua) as I normally do. It worked fine when I had 56-58 addons. But all of a sudden when I added more it got screwy.

However, now that I think about it, I haven’t booted up the server successfully until about a month ago. So I may have to fix the ports and etc. I will provide an update soon!

-snip im dumb-

Problem Solved guys! I just had to readjust the ports. (I moved it from 27015 to 27016) Everything runs smoothly now, even with all the addons! So I am now happy and I appreciate the help!