Gmod problem

Hello help me with theese problems!
1, when i join a gmod server it says failed after 4 retries
2, on my gmod server people only can connect trough console! not serverlist

  1. What server are you joining?
  2. It think its because its trying to reference the local ip you are using to connect to the master server (Xfire does the same) and it also happens on my server, as soon as someone has joined it appears on the server list. You could also try the heartbeat server command, forward port 1200 UDP, 27000 to 27015 UDP and 27030 to 27039 TCP. These are used for steam friends thing and other steam related stuff. Finally you can put this in your server.cfg:

setmaster add
setmaster add

Really, if you don’t know what your server.cfg is or where to find it you shouldn’t be hosting a server.