Gmod problems.

After update all went to hell( D; ):

  1. Settings can’t be saved(every time I bind a key - it unbinds momentally, graphics are saved only for 1 session, sounds and volume can’t be changed.
  2. Models disappear… almost everything disappear.
  3. Animations disappeared
  4. Sounds - same.
  5. Interface of gmod changed to some . . .old windows style? or something(IT’s TOTALLY BAD)
  6. Gmod is now in folder common(?!?!)

How to restore the damn gmod? I want my HL2, CS:S sounds,models,materials and everything BACK!
I can’t play on any server normally. . . I can’t even play on single-player because if it’s not invisible it’s an ERROR!

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

  1. Go to Garry’s Mod in Steam, right click it and click Delete Local Content.
  2. Exit Steam (not just X out, exit it properly).
  3. Go to /steamapps/common and look for the folder garrysmod. Delete it/rename to garrysmod_old.
  4. Go to /steamapps/(username) and delete/rename (garrysmod_old) the garrysmod folder in there. If there is none in there, that’s fine.
  5. Start up Steam.
  6. Follow this tutorial for your HL2 games and CS:S
  7. Once finished, right click on Garry’s Mod, click properties and make sure Steam Cloud Sycronization is unchecked.
  8. Reinstall Garry’s Mod.
  9. Once reinstalled, send me a picture of your graphics options (after you’ve configured them to how you want).

Some of these may just be redundent and useless, but with your amount of errors, it’s better to just do a full restore. The reason Garry’s Mod is now in common is because of Valve’s new content system, SteamPipe. With this, all Source games will be moving to common and will use VPKs instead of GCFs.