Gmod problems

Whenever I launch Gmod, it instantly crashes.
I then write -dxlevel 8 in console and Gmod starts, though interface is fuc- messed up. Examples are that I cant see my current ammo on weapons and I cant see what weapon I target when scrolling the mouse. picture here, as you can see, it doesnt show my current ammo. You cant see I’m scrolling too, but I am and it still doesnt show what weapon I’m targetting.

I dont know what graphic card I have, but it doesnt lag in Gmod, though other steam games cant identify the card. (they run with little lag, though)

Any help? :frowning:

Download GPU-Z to identify your card. Open it and printscreen it if you can
Download this. Open it and update your DirectX.


Doubt its because of the graphic card as the game runs without lag, but I’ll give it a go.

EDIT: Got a “Mobile Intel® 4 Express Chipset Family” or something, cant see the rest.

Maybe the problem is that I wrote “-dxlevel 8” in Launch Options, but I think the game crashes if I don’t write it.

Did you update your DirectX as well?
Also your GPU is very weak, because It’s prolly integrated.

Ehh, it said DirectX 8 or something when I checked it.