Gmod Production Crew

Hi there I am currently trying to run a Production Team for machinimas in Gmod. Currently its just myself, and i kind a want more people in it so I can start making mroe top notch machinimas. If you want to be apart of my Team or Partner. Then PM me here or on STEAM. My Steam Acc is FugitiveBush.

I am also kind of new to Gmod, but everyday i play on it, i get better with it so yah.

Oh also if you ahve any Pirated Software, then don’t even bother because i don’t accept people who Pirate software.

Oh and my Production Team is called No Brains Productions, here is some of my work.

Thanks people,

Have a good day!

Sounds fun, and I don’t pirate softeware so that’s a plus. I’ll try to join your group.

Also I don’t have fraps or sony vegas yet, and no mic, but I’d still would like to join.
(but maybe I can voice some stuff on my laptop)

sure i join

The title looked good but the actual film bit was crap.
Use higher quality recording.

@CoolCorky I used FRAPS, it was just that I panned-n-cropped it so that i could get rid of the hud and so people can see the guy better. But thanks for the info. I plan on having camera up closer next time that will help.

@Everyone else, Thanks for joining just add me on Steam, my name is FugitiveBush. We will set up a time to chat and make a new machinima. Also, if anyone could help me understand how to play with friends in Gmod that would be great cause that would be what we would use.
I also made us a blogspot to go there to ost our videos kind a and info. about stuff. But a website will come soon.
Also here is our, Youtube Group:

@IAmNow You don’t need to have Sony Vegas Pro 9, we are not that professional and its cool anyways cause basically i will do the editing, but two editors would be good too. Spread the Wealth. If you want a good editor for cheap, go with Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum or Platinum Pro Pack, $80, $114.

Okay I’ll join the group soon, but I just want to know what’s your next idea for a video? Just curious…

Uhhhhmmmm, well, I started to make a couple videos and the videos were about this guy named Dan, who died during secret test. I showed & talked to my friend about it and he said i should totally do a series of this guy getting F**ked up. I thought it was cool. I could implement this idea to fit a Production Team Series, so all of us could work/be apart of it.

My main machinima idea, i have now, is to make a funny Short Documentary about Dan, a regular citizen.

I got fraps, so I can probably send some footage to you when we start filming.

Awesome, dude! Well first thing i need to do is get you on my friedns list for steam and you to join the youtube group. So we can plan some stuff.

If you forgot the address:

A site will come shortly!

Hey, joined group on youtube, and sent you an invite on steam. Now it’s a waiting game.

Your voice actor doesn’t like to express himself. You also don’t know how to properly disable the hud and get rid of your weapons in console (or you could just use the camera tool.)

If you get professional with yourself, I’ll join.

well, ok first of all, i am the voice actor, i am not that great at im sorry and i do use the camera tool.

I pan-n-crop it in the editor so i remove the hud from the view.

Dude, I know a lot about machinimas, I am good with them. Im sorry for backsassing you, but i know what i am doing.

And i am kind of a noob to Gmod still, but like i said before i learn new things everythime i play.

@Iamnow Awesome dude! Thanks! We should start some soon. I have friend who is going to let me borrow his vent for the team until i get my own.

Hey, umm, when are we actually going to start filming?

im sorry im working for Angry Joe at the moment.

Hahah, speech impediments…

Looks interesting. might join yah