Gmod Qwestions

For anybody who has a qwestion about garrysmod post it on here.

Ok my qwestion is on dark rp you have flash bang grenades, and when I use them at the side it said something like “tryed to use NILL entitiy” what does that meen and how do you solve it, but not just because it’s saying that, it’s because when you through the Flash Bang nothing happens and you dont through one ?


DarkRP doesn’t have flashbangs. You’ve downloaded some broken addon.

So it’s just a false Entity.lua ?


FYI I didn’t say that.

That’s what this whole forum is for.

It’s question
Not qwestion.

Ok I have one more question right.
When on my dark rp you need charactors or classes and some of the classes the models just sand still like stone, so when your moving it looks like a statue even moving it does nothing.
Why is this and is there anyway to solve it ?