Gmod Radioactive Chronicles Prologue

well, this is the prologue of my new serie! :D!
enjoy and have a nice life


tell me what do you think guys
EDIT2: PArt 2

not bad.



i bit to jerky


Woah…must’ve taken long time, i love the idea!

Hide the HUD.

yeah i know xd my bad

Not bad. To much first person view though. More use of machinima and lesser use of Npc’s would have made it better. It is more work but worth it. Music choice was excellent.

thanks, but it wasnt so bad right? btw it is my first movie :slight_smile:

Really? Your first? No it wasn’t bad at all. Better than my first attempt:smile:

thanks a lot guys!

not bad arty’d

The HUD ruined it.

Other than that it was OK.
Really good for a first.

should i make more?

Don’t ask. There is no ask. Just do.

Lol xD
hey im making the first chapter, its pretty good :slight_smile:

second part

Nice. I personally didn’t think that GM_Bigcity worked, but I loved the part when you put in The Times are A’Changing by Bob Dylan.