GMod randomly minimizes

What would make Gmod randomly minimize itself? I don’t have anything in the background that would make this happen. No viruses/spyware or anything like that. I’m a bit confused at this point.

You could be pressing the Windows Start button with your wrist, I do that quite often.

Nah it’s not that. Other games seem to be doing this too. No idea what it is.

Maybe you have a background program running that opens one of those little bubble icon things.

Nothing is coming up when it minimizes, no extra tray icons. No other processes than normal for that matter.

im having the same issue - check my thread

Probably a virus or a program that wants your attention, try using windowed mode.

Heh, it’s a very funny thing. I had this as well, but when I used windowed mode, the minimizing wasn’t as bad.
Didn’t find a virus, so I would recommend formatting your HD.

well what i did is since i really liked full screen in the launch options i did -fullscreen and it was full screen again

Bump Fail :psyduck:

There’s supposedly a problem having to do with AVG. I remember reading about it a while ago, I can’t remember exactly what it said though.