Gmod recommened upload speed for server?

so i want to host a small GMOD server (roughly 8-16 players) on my PC (for now, i will buy a host later on). I was wondering if these speeds will be good enough (In megabytes/second NOT megabits)

Will that be enough? My family and I do not really use the upload speed much so would it be fine?

Thanks in advance

For a small server for your friends that would be fine.
Expect lag spikes if someone starts downloading porn though.

Your ISP may take a dump on you for fair use polices; be prepared.

3MB/s is more then enough for 16 players…

No that is not what if you get DDOSsed. There are terabyte ddosers out there so you need to be prepared

No, the hf men lied to you.

My Router has a setting to block certain IP’s so a DoS wont be a big problem, maybe a DDoS tho.

Um so let’s say I was hacked and I DoSed you, I would be banned forever? What you’re doing is illegal.

Software nullrouting will do nothing but cause CPU overhead to your router.
Plus, your ISP’s network infrastructure will still get hit, and will surely cause you to get dumped from the network by a nullroute higher up in the node chain.

“What you’re doing is illegal”

And what do you mean by that?

I mean you will pay fines and if severe enough could get killed.

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And jail time as well.

what is this shit you’re spouting right now

Death penalty, look it up.

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I feel like you’re a troll. A fucking death penalty for banning someone or blocking their IP? Are you insane?



Getting my posts from other threads? Stalker, reported.

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To the police.

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are you a fucking spastic or what

Nice troll, death penalty for my router automatically detecting you flooding my router with requests (which is illegal which means you could get a fine lmao)?! i dont think so mate. Nice attempt anyway…

To the people disagreeing with me… You do understand 3MB/s is 30Mbit/s. That’s more then enough upload speed for 16 players.

Actually it is 24 mbits.