Gmod refuses to reinstall

I uninstalled Gmod today because I found out it refused to run. I don’t know why so please do not ask me that.

I removed the models, materials, and maps.

I uninstalled Gmod through steam and checked the files and deleted those through my program files registery.

I go to reinstall Gmod and it only reinstalls the newest update and nothing else.

I’ve asked my collegues and their stumped as much as I am and any help would be appreciated.

I’ve also tried deleting the .blob file and it solves nothing.

I have attempted to also reinstall steam as well.

Has anyone else had a problem installing Gmod since the update?

I am not one to bump my work but is anyone willing to uninstall Gmod and attempt to reinstall it?

If it works I will have to reinstall all of my steam files.

Short flash of brilliance and I whiped out my registery for steam in all its entirety.

It was indeed the registery, everything is being reinstalled now.

sorry bro, i dont wanna risk THAT happening but, i’ll do some research and come back to ya :slight_smile:

The registery was borked. I had to go in with Revo and remove all those bloody invisible files that love to hide.

Problem solved. Now I need to download those 60gigs of games again.


Awsome, im having the same problems, would it be possible to get the name of those “bloody invisible files” and where they are located in the registry?

Hello any info on how exactly you did it would be extra apreciated because I am experiencing the same prolem.I downloaded Revo as you said but I dont know exactly what to do.