GMod refuses to start - another dreaded engine update. - TF2 Winter Update

Seems after the recent TF2 update, Garrymod refuses to start. Crashes to desktop (hl2.exe crashes) after about 30 seconds or so on the loading screen.

Seems it’s just affecting clients, SRCDS starts fine.

Hopefully its not just me, I’ve ran into a few others having the same problem, looks like we get to play the waiting game again :rolleyes:

Feel free to use this thread as a discussion / update thread if you would like, I’m sure alot of these will show up soon… If I’m already late with this… to any mod, you may close and or lock this thread.

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You were so close…

We just have to wait till Garry fixes it in due time.

damnit I wanted to play gmod tonight

Noticed, was in the process of typing when you beat me to it. I’m sure most people will post in the GMod discussion section.

Confirmed, got the “HL2.exe has stopped working” message.

(About damned time TF2 updated itself)

I get the same, when I try to start Garry’s Mod I get HL2.exe has stopped responding… It started doing that after I updated. It’s getting extremely annoying that almost every update this happens.

At least it’s not a pop up about some crap about client.dll (Vaguely forgot what it said, but was not a windows error message).

Here’s to Garry’s Mod 13’s own source engine branch (Strangely, that’s been crashing too).

Hopefully it won’t happen much longer once the beta is released. After that point, GMod won’t be forced to use Valve’s engine shipments, giving Garry some time to merge all the code he needs and send out the update when ready.

whine whine

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whoops wrong thread

Yeah, I’m excited for that! After that, I will not miss this bs not-working Gmod for 2 or 3 days straight after almost every update.

Getting this as well. Wish I didn’t close out GMOD :frowning:

Whelp, so much for playing tonight. It’s alright though, Garry gets on this shit pretty fast.

If Gabe refuses to give Garry the source code. You bet Garry will whip something up to make Gmod work like the last time.

Can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since the last time Valve broke Gmod. Well played Gabe, Well played ಠ_ಠ.

Yeah, it’s been kinda strange how frequently Valve keeps putting out these engine updates. I don’t think it affects most source games as much as Gmod though, but I’m pretty confident Garry will get it fixed.

it crashes here

Changed Garrysmod folder name, reinstalled garrysmod and still it doesnt work :suicide: :frowning:

FUCK it’s still not fixed. :frowning: I was just getting back into Gmod too!

Well it works for me now. Got the update and all is good.

I’m still crashing on startup, got the updates already.

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Ok… now I’m not crashing. the fuck