Gmod refuses to start.

Every single time I try to launch GMod, I get this error:

I have tried all sorts of things. I have restarted steam several times, ended unnecessary processes, etc. It’s extremely annoying and I would appreciate some help with it.

Reported in the past. What other programs do you have open when this happens?

iirc, throw this away

in your steam folder in program files while steam is closed, then run steam again. defrag gmod to be sure (via the in-steam option).

afaik the .blob removal solves many things so there’s a start.

Microsoft security essentials. Nothing else. I tried exiting that too but it didn’t work.

Tried it, GMod will start a single time, then I get the error again.

No one could find a solution last time, if anyone knows the solution it would be a great help.

Samg381 suggested completely reinstalling GMod in the last thread. Rename your garrysmod folder garrysmod_old and reinstall. Make sure Steam Cloud Syncronization is off.

I’ll try that and get back to you on it.

Edit: Didn’t work.