GMod Related Emoticons?

So Steam is letting us add new emoticons for GMod.

Anyone got any ideas? Or want to make some to be included?

They have to be 18x18 and 54x54

I have two so far…

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Maybe a physgun emoticon? Or a toolgun?

Physics gun.

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Ninja’d god damnit.

How would you represent a physgun in 18x18

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Can’t go wrong with a watermelon.

G-man sitting upon a PHX bomb Dr.Strangelove style.

Is this for the trading card thing?

A little ragdoll


woops! dumb misread, 18x18 would be pretty hard for the toolgun, this is harder then the trading cards :v:

This any good?

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They were 54x54 -_-

They need to be both

Surely there are other limitations on this? Most of things I can think of are people from other games like HL2 & TF2 but I imagine these are reserved for their respective trading card sets… That leaves really only props and thats gunna be an asshole to do well with 18x18. I mean physics gun (even though thats also HL2) would come out like this…

Don’t forget about :v: and facepunch ratings! (pretty sure these icons can be somehow enhanced)

Sharpen and anti alias this and we’d be good, but this is more of a facepunch thing, same for the FP logo.

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Don’t think the original author would allow it, especially since (afaik) this is a commercial thing.

That probably won’t work seen as they’re silk icons although looking at your emoticon options from other games, garrysmod’s would be the most expensive if they where as generic as that because they might actually have some use in a convo :stuck_out_tongue: I mean wtf am I suppose to do with these…