Gmod:Requires wit.

This is something I love about gmod, it needs wit to use, you need some knowledge of physics and gravity to actually get good at it, I like games that challenge you mind unless they’re advertised as mindless FPSes like COD…

(No I’m not saying COD needs wit, cause it doesn’t need one bit.)

This post sucks, don’t read it.

I would say gmod requires more “know how” than base intelligence. once you learn to do something, it’s very easy.

Why do you keep making threads like this? To show that you’re an older gmod player and know more ahem aka basics than newer players?

What was the point of this thread?

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Also CoD bandwagoning makes you mature~

gmod taught me physics

That’s dsgadssa.

I have no idea why I make these threads, they are dumb so don’t pay any attention.

Editing=terrible trolling.

gmod taught me programming
but that’s besides the point. everyone knows this

It does not fucking require wit to make shit explode.