GMod ReSkin Request

Hey, I’d like a personal skin please… make it male 09/08 (Do both cuz i can’t remember) but with red fingerless gloves, and a Red T-shirt that has a large black splatter mark on both sides with black pants with red fire decals and red/black sneakers…

Based on your entrance, im gonna guess no ones gonna do it.

Since you can’t even be assed to figure out which model you want a reskin of, let alone provide reference images, I simply cannot be assed to do this.

You didn’t say please nor thanks.

Hey guys, sorry, I didn’t know there was a freakin etiquite to requesting a personal skin, but here’s the picture:

There happy?

Anyways, I want a personal skin for model 09… if you don’t mind…please?
Pretty please with Jessica Alba on top? (XD)

Don’t forget to add red fingerless gloves, and a Red T-shirt that has a large black splatter mark on both sides with black pants with red fire decals and red/black sneakers…

ETIQUITE! try bloody common sense and be polite to people you are DEMANDING something from ¬.¬ (and yes the capitals are necessary)

Ok…I’m sorry if you are dissappointed that I haven’t been “polite.”
It’s just that my mother raised me to not always trust everyone I meet on the internet, and I joined literally YESTERDAY, so I don’t know anything about common sense for this place, so please, take it easy…


Just please… I’d really like a personal skin… I’ll do anything (not really)… (I mean, I’m not gonna do much but I will learn some common sense, ok?)

It isn’t common sense in general to be nice when you’re asking people to actually do something for you?

Etiquette aside, generally it’s a good idea to make a personal skin yourself. That’s what makes it personal.

Y’see, that’s the thing! I’ve only had GMod for,I dunno, maybe a week now…
I don’t even know how to hex any skins! That’s why I’m asking for some help… please??? Could I please get a personal skin?

Stop saying personal if you are not making it, and that reference image, wasn´t useful at all

Geez, that is hypocritical

Let me explain things to you.

99% of the people here make skins and models to earn people’s respect and admiration. We like going around and seeing people use the stuff we worked on. We like hearing people say “thx for the great work man”.

However, there are a limited number of content producers, and pretty much everybody wants something. It’s what experts call a “high-demand, low-supply economy”.

Thus, we prioritize. We work on the stuff that gets us the most accolades, the most respect. A personal model gets that from just one person. Other things give many more. It’s a simple matter of priorities.

I’m sure that, if supply outweighed demand, that people would be falling over themselves trying to make a personal skin for you. Hell, it sometimes happens, usually when it’s making a pskin for someone already famous and important, so the payoff is in making something prestigious, even if it won’t be used.

In any case, welcome to the community.

Ok… sorry… and I thank all of you for enlightening me to the way of the facepunch forums… (That was NOT a joke.) In any case, I’d like this user skin to be made… please? I’d like to see it be done… it would make me happy… and I’ll add the person who makes it to my Steam friends list…
and then we can go play Team Fortress 2, Garry’s Mod, or Counter Strike… but seriously, can someone please get this done for me? As a kind of “welcome to our forum” gift? Pleeeeaaaaassse? And for whoever gets it done, they can keep the skin to use as well… in order for them to see it when I play with them in a game…

Thank you, Very much.



I’m pretty good as a Pyro in TF2… =)

I have to say, you’re learning the ways faster than most n00bs. I officially promote you from n00b to newb.

The difference being that, instead of being angry when you don’t know something, we’ll just teach you, as you’ve proven able to learn. You also get an extra 20% XP every time experience is doled out, and a +2 roll modifier against fire damage.

I’m still not going to make the skin, though. But because I don’t have time, not because I don’t like you.

if we made a skin every time someone joined these forums a skin would be made every day, bottom line is it most likley wont get done, I’d learn it yourself by researching on google

Understandable, gman003… I’ve also seen you on the official Garry’s Mod website… very nice stuff… I actually downloaded you ZS Samus skins… so I think I can trust someone like you to do a good job on a simple reskin of a citizen…

I don’t wish to imply that I’ll kill you if you don’t make the skin. I’m not THAT crazy… (Yes. I am kinda crazy, but aren’t we all?)

The point is, you’re cool, and I’m perfectly fine with that… and by the way…

LOL on the +2 roll mod against fire damage… when I read that it cracked me up… so good job with the attempt at humor!


Primary Objectives:

  1. Observe SorakuFett’s behavior. (1/1 Completed)
  2. Make SorakuFett feel right at home. (1/1 Completed)

Bonus Objectives:
A. Make SorakuFett laugh. (1/1 Completed)

EXP Earned: 1978 Exp.

Items earned:
-SorakuFett’s Respect
-SorakuFett’s Trust

MISSION COMPLETION RANK: X (X being best, F being worst)

That wouldn’t work. Skins are client side meaning only you see them (unless they are made to be server side) so every male_09 he would see would have that skin

Still, I don’t care if every single one has the skin… I just want it…
So please? At least hex it as a separate model!

Try to learn to make the skin, and once you have a reskin done, just asking someone to hex it.
As a tip, the programs you ought to start with are GCFscape, to extract the needed textures.
VTFEDIT to convert the textures to a useable format
A raster image editor - gimp, photoshop, any other.

Loads and loads of patience.

Ok… y’know what? Can we get an admin to lock this?