Gmod Roleplayer Essentials

Hey, I’m coming back from a long break and want to role play, but I have no idea what maps, mods or whatever else I need so I don’t see giant red ERROR’s everywhere or purple checkers whenever I try to join a server. It would be great if you guys could help me compile a list of the most used mods, maps, textures, models and whatever else, not only for my sake but for the greater good of all mankind.

You’ll definitely need Counter Strike: Source, DarkRP, FalloutRP, etc. addons, and PHX for good measure. That’s about it. CSS is mainly for textures and weapons, the RP addons are for jobs and console commands, basically the gameplay, and PHX is just for some servers that allow prop spawning to a certain extent, and PHX is very popular for shop building.


rp_christmastown, rp_downtown_V2, and rp_evocity are all really popular, well-made rp maps.

If you’re looking for a serious RP community, try places like LiF (Fallout RP), TnB (HL2/Terminator RP), NecropolisRP (Zombie RP) or whatever. Most serious RP communities got megapacks with all the content they’re using.

Thanks guys, any other suggestions for vehicles or weapon packs or anything like that?

There’s some great vehicle packs out there. I don’t know the name, but they should be easy to find as they are very popular. As for weapons, I really enjoy Kermite’s assorted weapons. Mad cow weapons are pretty cool, but I don’t think they’d be all that great for roleplaying. You’d probably just get a bunch of fire-shot fuckers killilng everyone.

I’ve been seeing lots of servers start using EP2 props and maps that need EP2 for materials/models, so that may be a large requirement as well by some point.

But downtown is a minges paradise (Access to guns anyone?)