Gmod RP Server Help

Okay i am a N00b at Servers in general. i have a DarkRP 2.3.5 server up and running but there is 1 problem. i need to make it so non-admins can’t spawn weapons from the q menu. plz help.

got i kinda fixed. cant make counterstrike weapons admin only but all else is.

Fixed everything evidently if u have ASSmod u need to go to in the admin menu (ASS_menu) and go to sandbox>restrict(tions)>weapons and set all to admin even if you are on an RP server
but now i have 3 problems.

  1. players spawn as a weird civilian class when they first start and they have a pistol.
  2. when players die their class changes to weird civilian
  3. can i turn on player collision?

Hi how do i limit an admin access
I need to make it so ONLY owners can pick up players.
can someone help me?