This gamemode has been released here:


Current Version: 2.9
Percent complete(estimation): 75%


The Story of a Citizen
My name is Jack Smith, I am on the train to Ovis City.
I used to live in Downtown, but there was way too much crime and killing there, guns we’re always openly available.As the train doors opened I stepped out into the busy station and walked up the stairs, to meet a bustling utopia.
I walked down the street, surprised at how little crime there was, apart from the occasional accident there was almost no killing at all. I walked into a store, inside there was a Radio Broadcaster who was failing to lift a Broadcasting Station he had just bought . So I decided to help him out, I took out my phys-gun and lifted it with him to his Radio Station. He thanked me and gave me $50, I thought this was great since I had only brought a small amount of money here.
I decided to buy a house with this extra cash I had, my house was located next to the food store.

The next day after I woke up I went over to the food store and asked the friendly Store Owner what he had, he told me he sold Melons, and drinks.
So I bought a melon and a can of cola off him, I decided to take a stroll around the city.
A scruffy man confronted me, he said “do you want some drugs!?”, I decided to try them out and bought them.
I took them and was jumping all over the place, the cops caught on.
So I was thrown into jail by the Police Officer.
So here I am now, stuck in this jail.

Short Description
This is not light nor serious RP, it’s serious enough that there will be no killing involved
but light enough that you won’t be incredibly bored.
This is real life RP, because to be honest HL2 RP has been used to death.
You won’t see the full potential of this gamemode until you have played it for more than 1 hour, because it is saturated with hidden features.
It is unlikely you will get killed in GMod RP, because it is impossible to get hold of guns
the most deadly weapon in this gamemode in your own fists.
Just make sure you dont die of hunger!

This gamemode focuses on the map Oviscity, despite it being an old map it is still a great map for RP.
We stay away from awfully large maps and combine themed maps as this is real life RP and large maps make players stay away from each other and interact less. I’m only covering the current features of the gamemode and I will update the thread as new versions are created.

For this gamemode all you will need is HL2, we are not using anything from any other games.


Store Owner
The most flexible class in this gamemode,
if you want to buy something or need some food you will
probably go to a Store Owner.
As a store owner you can sell things such as a
simple Melon all the way to hi-tech Radio Broadcasting Stations
and Ariel’s. We might add sub classes to this, e.g Car Dealer, Food Store Owner, Item Store Owner.

Radio Broadcaster
Probably the most interesting class in this gamemode,
as the name describes you will broadcast music over a Radio Station.
To start off you will have to purchase a Radio Broadcasting Station from a store owner.
The radio broadcasting system is extremely complex, so I will explain it in the Radio Broadcasting section later on.

I made a spoof video a while ago for the Radio Broadcaster:

In charge of the city, they make sure all of the citizens are happy.
We will give this class more features later.

Keeps law and order within the city using his trusty stun-stick.

Whenever there is a fire or someone in Danger the Firefighter will come and save the day!

The most basic class, has a very small wage for doing nothing all day.
Can however start their own business and get money from other players, but it is best to do that as a store owner.

Can spawn Health vials and packs and sell them at a cost to other players so they can heal themselves.

Train Driver
Drives the oviscity train, providing cheap transport for citizens without personal transport.

NOTE: many more jobs are coming as we are constantly updating this gamemode, the next new set of jobs will hopeully be focusing on the justice system.


I don’t think there is a point to describing each item in detail, since I don’t want to spoil the hidden items for you, so i will just describe the different catergories.

From melons to Chinese takeaway its all here.

You could just get a simple can of Cola or you could get Mega Energy Drink which will boost your physical performance, theres a large choice here.

Misc things like Radio Broadcasting Systems and Air tanks.
Theres many interesting things here, I’m sure you guys will love the flare gun.

Things to patch you up!

For you to get from one part of the city to another, faster!

Radio Broadcasting System
Once you have purchased your Radio Broadcasting Station you name it and then your ready to broadcast within a restricted area,
if you want to enlarge your broadcasting range you will have to purchase a Ariel.
After you have named your Radio station you are presented with a control panel, with a large amount of music, sounds and speech to play.
When you click on one of the sounds, it broadcasts it to other Radios tuned into that frequency.
There can be many other Radio Stations broadcasting at the same time without creating any lag, due to our innovative system.
After you have purchased a Radio, and have pressed use on it you a presented with a small menu. It will show all the Radio Stations broadcasting and you can tune into one of them, and rock out to some music!

This has a nice inventory system, it keeps your items when you disconnect.
Since this not completely serious RP we let you keep as many items as you want, we might change that if people complain about it.

Fire Spreading
To make the Fireman class we needed a Fire spreading system, so we made one.
Fires spread realistically and are often caused by mischievous people using Flare Guns, Policemen will often arrest these people.

To drive, have a buisness or to be a mdic legally you have to purchase a permit frm the city, thes epermits are stored and you can spawn one to prove you have the permit(these dropped/stored permits can only be used by you). If a Police Officer asks you fr a pemit and you dn’t have one you will be arrested and have your vehicle/buisness/other taken away from you.

This thread doesn’t even describe all of the features, if you want to check out the hidden goodies you will have to check it out on our sever.

Please note that there are so much more features to be added(such as the justice system) and I will be updating this thread with more content!
For now, you can to try it out on our server!
Also we’re going to disable all tools except the most basic ones soon, though we wont change it immediately.

Remember to check out the buzzing hive of activity that is the forum.

Slots: 20
Map: rp_oviscity_gmc4

Slob187 - the one and only coder of this gamemode, server owner
Biohazard/Biohazardous(me!) - Website owner, server co-owner, making/updating this thread!

Fun in the Server - 18/05/2009:

Slob talking to a Medic about stomach pains:

Serverr Footage 24/05/09:

Server Footage 20/05/09:

Feature Demonstration:

I love this gamemode, so i’ma do a review :smiley:

Firstly, the HUD.
It’s easy to see, clean, and a pleasure to use. the different parts are placed nicely around, giving a simple yet great HUD.

The classes.
There’s a great selection of classes, each with unique powers and equipment, making everybody different.
The classes are great for rping, as most servers will have terrorists and gunmen, this one has no dming involved, and nothing is abuseable.
The police system is great, the stunstick only stuns and pushes the player, so abusing this is impossible.
The radio broadcaster is a fun class, players can buy a radio and listen to the music played on their favorite station.

The items.
The wide range of food, drinks, and equipment is amazing, combined with different classes, the shop keeper is the only one who can sell food, and he earns money selling that way. I like the idea of the flare gun, as if there is a robbery, the shop keeper can fire to attract attention of the police.

Clean, crisp menus and HUD, non-abuse able classes and items, great range of items and classes, making the server great for rping. Mingeproof, as it’s almost impossible to kill people in a non rp way. No lagg atall.

Non so far, maybe if the server stays on oviscity the nuke button should be removed, as it’s not so realistic.
Maybe make a spam filter, as this could become a problem when the server gets more popular, and the minges come along.

Altogether, a great, fun server, good for serious rpers, and people just looking for a fun rp server. Probably the non laggiest server, and the best rp server i’ve ever been on :). 9.5/10 :smiley:

Nice :slight_smile: How Did you make the fireman class?

The server seems to be down, how many more hours is “A few hours”?

Sounds like shit, looks like shit, is shit.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Troll" - mahalis))

Have you even joined the server, if not, get out.
The reason it was down is because we were setting up another gameserver on our machine, i just started it back up.
I’m going to add pictures when 2.3-2.4 is out, since slob is completely remaking the Menu’s.

Nevermind, THE ROCK is just a troll i looked at his posts.

Crap, I forgot to download the map, I’m coming on as soon as I get it.

Just keep in mind, 2.3 is going to have completely remade VGUI and menu’s,
sorry about the server being down though we still have not set everything up on there since we bought the dedi box last month.

I’m on, if anyone would like to join.

I would join, but im on Linux, so i can’t.

This appears to be a good roleplay script from what I just read. I also like how there aren’t any guns involved, because more people need to realize that guns are not needed to make roleplay fun. Btw, nice idea on the fireman class. :smiley:


Wow, this game mode brought tears of joy to my eyes. Due to all of the over populated and deathmatch pushing servers I have not been able to enjoy any Role Plays lately but this on the other hand is just, great. Great work, keep it up can’t wait to play.


It was nice! I played on the server. Can i download it to my server?

The script is still in the works, and I bet it’s private.


It is private but atleast were hosting it on large servers, thanks for the good comments guys!

I’m in the server right now, Noone is in it so I can’t really say much.

Though the interface is easy on the eyes. Works well.

I like the fireman idea, and the spreadable fires thing. Good job!

will it ever be public