Gmod RPM Tachometer

I’ve been building cars lately in Gmod and I’ve seen quite a few videos with the same tachometer

I know it’s made in egp but after scouring the web I haven’t been able to find a tutorial/download for it. If anyone could point me to one or link a tutorial it would be great.

Does no one know how to make this?
I’ve seen some that are embedded into the HUD aswell


It’s not hard. Make a thing like this with EGP (Just google “Wiremod EGP speedometer”) and then make the ‘line’ that is supposed to show speed rotate by angle, and calculate the angle with the speed divided by the amount of degrees you can make it rotate.

Heh. I am amused at how much effort is put into making your cars.

Lol, did you watch my video.
I’ve gotten better, I know have a dragster that can go 40mph!

I’ve found how to make a Speedometer, but I’ve seen everyone with that tachometer/speedometer mix which is much nicer with acf

Do you mean Tachymeter maybe? Atleast, that’s the thing in my watch. The amount of time it takes to drive 1 km / 1 mile.

No, it’s a Tachometer that measures RPM’s. The one I’m looking for also has a small speedometer in the corner.