Gmod running laggier than usual

Alright, so I alt tabbed out of game once to check on something. when I came back the gmod was running laggier than usual. So I tried restarting, no luck, any suggestions welcome.

I acually don’t know how to answer this. Lower your resolution or video settings? maybe its a graphics glitch.

If you have to try re-installing

It’s not just ingame, it’s the main menu too.
I just don’t see how it goes from running smoothly to being laggy and bumpy after I alt tabbed once.



Tried reinstalling, that didn’t help


Oh wow now CS:S lags now.

I had that exact problem.
however is you want to solve it my way then your gonna need a couple hours

1.delete all games

2.uninstall steam

3.go back and install steam

4.go back and reinstall games

when all this is done it should work however could be a virus.
[remember only use as last resort]

Dude this happend to me as well. It was laggy and you get dizzy when you play it. I fixed this by going into the settings option and turning ant-analysing off

This could be right, anti-analysing does cause lag issues if your pc’s cpu cant “handle” it

Anti-Aliasing. :colbert:

Now define lag. FPS lag (bad framerate), internet lag (The controls seem delayed or unresponsive), or does the screen just look plain jerky (even with high FPS)?