Gmod runs like shit now?

Gmod 12: Mid graphics/1360x768 50fps average
Gmod 13: lowest graphics/800x600 15fps average

How do i fix this?

There is an FPS drop if you are in windowed, otherwise you might need to upgrade.

Already working on it. I have a plan to upgrade by next saturday.

I got Intel VGA card in my laptop and there’s no much difference in performance with both Gmod 12 and 13 (native resolution and most settings maxed) In fact Gmod 13 seems more smoother, probably because fast loading times with workshop addons.

I plan on getting either a AMD 7970 or a nvidia 670

gmod has less fps than bf3 at me…
something is wrong with rendering

When you say average - what do you mean? What map? Because flatgrass and construct have both been updated to use HDR - are you using exactly the same map on each platform? And same resolution, same windowed mode, same graphic settings?

Because really - there should be no FPS difference at all if the maps and everything are the same. If anything you should get a lift in the new version.