Gmod runs very slow even on the lowest possible settings

Just installed gmod on my new laptop, and it starts up and loads the maps pretty fast, but when the map is loaded, it starts to run EXTREMELY slow and choppy. Then it runs fine for about 10 seconds and then the slowness starts again. I lowered the settings to the lowest possible settings, but i didnt see any difference.

Whats really confusing about this is that gmod ran fine on my old piece of shit computer…

ATI Radeon HD 3200
AMD Turion Dual-Core RM-75 2.20 Ghz
4GB Ram
Windows 7 Premium 64bit

Do you have latest drivers?

I think so, i got the laptop a couple months ago. I dont like updating drivers, because the last time i tried to update the drivers i completely fucked up my old computer :smiley:

edit: Yeah, i have them. I ran the windows automatic driver update or something like that and it said that the latest drivers are installed.

Windows is usually very behind the curve when it comes to video card drivers.

Just punch in your info, download the exe, run it, and you’re good. It’s pretty hard to mess up video card drivers.

(For the card type, you probably have a mobility radeon card, but make doubly sure first by running a dxdiag. Google it.)

Now i downloaded the drivers from the AMD site and it also said that the drivers are already up to date. I’ll try playing now and see if its still slow.

edit: Damn, still slow. What the hell can be wrong?

And this doesnt happen on other games, i can run S.T.A.L.K.E.R on medium settings and it runs fine, no slowness.

Come on, no help?

I have tried everything, the stop refreshing servers thing, letting it run for about ten minutes… Well,now it ran fine for about 20 seconds but then the slowness started again.

read the sticky and the “Help! My Gmod runs slow!” part.

I tried that too. I lowered the directx level to 8 but still no difference.

And before anyone says remove some addons, that cant be the problem. I had like 5 times more addons on my old computer and gmod still ran fine.

Check the console for any errors, sometimes you can get spammed with errors which makes your game run slow

Ok i’ll check.

What the… Now its running all normal. I dont know where the problem was but it seems to have fixed itself.

EDIT: shit, its running slow again…

Did you install any mods? Even if you didn’t: delete your garrysmod folder and have steam verify game cache.

Did it say anything in the Console?