Gmod Saiga 12 Shotgun SWEP

Hello people! again :smiley:

Im planning to make a Spetsnaz weapon pack and ive been searching for-ever for a Saiga 12 Shotgun

so i planned to make one of my own!

here are some pics from the early stage !

Link :

BTW , I just made it like 30 minutes ago , need to retexture it too

also , this is my first modeling project … i could use help with this

if you want me to develop this further to a swep


Wasn’t this already done? As in someone already made a Swep like this, with an ak47 model?

True, but the Saiga’s appearance has some notable differences.

yes , that is true …

but they used an regular AK-47 model , actualy they just made 1 script and thats it

im making a whole model with effects , thats a large difference


im afraid this project is abandonned , my computer had a virus that forced me to re-install the OS

sorry guys