Gmod sandbox server not working after new computer

So I got an Alienware 17 after a Dell Inspiron, and I had a Garry’s mod server that my friends could join on my old laptop. I have done exactly the same thing on my new Alienware but my friends cannot connect to my server! I checked and it says success on port 27015, and I’ve been trying for weeks now to fix it. One thing that might be something important is that, every time I start my dedicated server, it displays two of my server in the LAN section in Find Multiplayer Games, with my Wireless LAN adapter IPv4 address - when my dedicated server console displays my Ethernet adapter IPv4 address, the one I want and the one I have port forwarded. Please help! Also I’m not sure if this is relevant but I have the Killer Network Manager which my last Dell did not have, could that be a problem?

Killer Network Manager or any firewall on your new PC could and probably is the problem.

Thanks, I will try and uninstall Killer Network Manager as all my other firewalls are kept off while running my server

I have never had any issues with killer network manager. As long as the priority settings are disabled (which can cause instability) there should be no issues.

This is the driver for your ethernet port and should not be uninstalled.

Ok sorry I am not great with this stuff, so I should disable priority settings?

[DEL]Are you using SRCDS or just starting a multiplayer game through garrys mod?[/DEL]
Just saw you mention you’re looking in LAN games.
It’s very likely your port forwarding or firewall. Try disabling it and double checking your port forwarding.


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I have done both and tested my server with friends, none of it worked and I always turn off my firewall anyway while running the server. Thanks for helping though

Still not working, Could anyone please help?

Fixed it, turns out it was Killer Network Manager Suite, thanks Robotboy