GMod Sandbox Teams

Hello Facepunchers,

I have tried looking everywhere for a team mod, but I haven’t been able to find something like this. What i r looking for is a team addon, where I could set people to a certian team, enable and disable friendly fire, and select the player model that they are to distinguish them between eachother. By that i mean, Red team is Rebels, and Blue team r Metro Police. This would be good for DMing. If anyone is interested, I’m sure i could find a place for you in my server.

Thanks for all the help,

King John.

EDIT: I’m using Assmod. I Would like it so that i can manually assign people to teams. Like, i could put respected, admins, and guests on blue. And i could also spread some admins, respected, and guests to red. No limits whatsoever.

Try uteam for ULX