Gmod says my steam account has been used to log in elsewhere

Except that it doesn’t say that for any other game nor does it prompt me to log in. It’s been doing this since yesterday and I’ve tried restarting steam already. Anyone know how to fix this?

Contact Steam Support. You may have been hacked.

And change your password.

what if you log on to steam in a differnt location? what would steam do about it? im just curious

Log out, and log back in.

I promise I’m not hacked, I just got done playing killing floor and it didn’t ask me to log back in. I’m 99% sure this is a gmod or steam related issue. I do have a laptop I play from. but I’m logged out of that one too.

edit Crap, It did it for CS:S too D:

Time to change my password :smiley:

I have this problem too. And this happens only in Gmod.

It happened to me after I used steam on another pc. I fixed it by clicking file/change user and relogged with my login and password.

I had the same problem here. There is a bug in gmod. He doesnt show the relog window. I tried to go in a CSS server and there i got the same problem but when i click login i opens the login in window. Relog close CSS and join a gmod server.

Worked like a charm thnx Vitas.