GMod Sci-fi Maps?

Anyone have any good sci-fi maps that they can recommend? Links would be nice but not necessary. I’m just looking for some good maps that I can use for posing ragdolls.

Also, is there any small map that is good for using as a workshop to mess around with ragdolls. I’m currently using GM Construct but its too big and takes up a lot of memory on my laptop once I start placing too many ragdolls. >__<

ttt_space_station maybe? There’s also the spacebuild maps.

The CSS community has made some pretty good sci-fi maps, look up some of them, most should work in GMOD.

Is there a good site where I can search for these???

I’m making one. it’s inspired from the new game coming up" alien-isolation", i’m being busy with the main structure of the map and gameplay. It’s a zombie survival map from origin but i’m planning to release a ttt, and a stript,nothing much to it sandbox version aswell. Be prepared for big download though, it’s 52 MB already and i still have to make about 10 more " areas".


I will download and support the crap out of you if you release it. Pictures would be very nice though. :slight_smile:


Oh man, you need to take a look at Morbus

Thanks for Morbus. It’s been pretty awesome. :slight_smile: