Gmod Scoreboard -- How can I add an icon signifying whose mic is open?

Hello, I’m running a dedicated murder server. I’ve seen other servers that have a speaker-looking icon next to a person’s name on the scoreboard whenever their mic is open (for easy muting purposes). Does anyone know how to recreate this?

Doesn’t the gmod default scoreboard already have that functionality?

You might just want to look at the implementation there. The interesting lines are around line 37 and 113.

The default scoreboard has a speaker icon that indicates whether or not you have their microphone muted - and gives you the option to mute and unmute - what OP wants is an icon that signals whether or not a player is using their mic currently.

I’d write something up but I’m lazy, I’m sure somebody else will.

Okay then, but still the OP could pretty easily modify the lines i pointed out to use

Player:IsSpeaking instead of


Hey, thanks guys! I’m new to lua coding so I didn’t even know Player:IsSpeaking was a thing! I’ll mess around with this :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

For future reference, the Garry’s Mod wiki helps a lot with Lua. I’m new too and it’s been a huge help.

Im re adding the toybox into gmod and i still use the wiki