Gmod Screenshot tips?

I Want to start making good high quality screenshots. Where do I start?

BTW how do I put pictures from my HDD onto a post?

You upload them to a site such as photobucket.

Or if you don’t want to be faced with tons of advertising and other bullshit, upload to

Learn to use photoshop, try to edit something, then try again, try again, try a little different style, try it again, try the old style, try.

There really isn’t any tutorial that will make you do perfect stuff from the start. Practise, pratcise and practise is all that matters. The only thing that will help you achieve results faster is to learn amost any tool in photoshop.

Ofcourse before all of this you need to master Gmod if you haven’t. This thing is really abstract so there is no good tutorials. Just one tip - use no collide and start posing with the torso.