gmod screwing up in a window

how can i fix this? when i try to run gmod in a window it goes crazy, it goes all dark and turns trippy. how can i fix this because i want to record gmod videos and show off my awesomeness (yes i just lost 100 smartness deal with it) and if i get banned, no one told me that i could get banned for asking a serious question.

oh yea i know nothing about my drivers (lost another 100 smartness) but gmod works fine in not windowed

read up on drivers somthing tells me you will need the knowledge im not being horrible im just saying is all
really if you havent update your drivers do so, that solves most graphical cock-ups, well it did for me.

your graphics card manufacturer should be able to help you when going about updating drivers.

As much as I know the graphics of the game shouldnt change if its windowed so drivers wouldnt be the problem.If it was his drivers the game would be messed up in full screen mode.
Do ANY other games,steam or non-steam,mess up,no mather in what mode?

nope i tried left 4 dead in window mode a second ago and warcraft is good in window too

Gmod runs fine in windowed mode, I have done it for years. If other games run fine in a window, Gmod could just be corrupt. Try reinstalling it.

i tried to reinstall it before it doesnt work it still screws up

rawr am i the only one with this problem?


You aren’t. I got the same problem and I’m running gmod with this NVIDIA 8500 with it’s latest drivers.
e: Not that much trippy though. My screen “Shatters”, it goes black, and divides in several frames all of random, it’s really, really strange.