GMod Section Cleanup/Reform Petition

I’m getting tired of crap threads and posts everywhere in this section. It’s unbearable. There are some signs of enforcement, but it’s really just not enough. Right now we have these rules that are being enforced:

[li]Zero tolerance on Warez
[/li][li]Help threads in non-help forum result in lock and ban
[/li][li]Bumping old threads results in ban

And a few DDTs to some crap threads. And how does this happen? Sometimes it’s me sending a list of crap threads to a mod.

It’s just not enough. I’m had enough of the crap replies, meme shit, and overall retardness of the section. So I’m proposing a multi-part solution to this.

Part 1: Rules list sticky

There’s no real rules list in the forum. We’re just left to guess on what to do and not to do on previous bans, but for the most part, users don’t look, they just post. The list should be simple, easy to read, and most of all enforced. A good example of a rules list would be the Hardware and Software forum’s rule thread (See here). Approiate rules are clearly defined and the list is well formatted. There is also a list of informative/helpful threads.

Part 2: New rules

We need better rules. It’s that simple. Too much crap is getting by right now. These are my suggestions for the rules/procedures.


Warez of any kind is an instant 7 day ban

[li]Help threads in the wrong spot are a day ban, thread DDTed (Locking them just gets in the way)
[/li][li]Bumping threads:
[li]Bumps from 05/06 intenionally are 7 day ban and thread is locked
[/li][li]Accidental bumps from otherwise are a one day ban
[li]No more dumb post your threads
[/li][li]No more HL2:EP3 threads (or any other game for that matter), we have a video games section up north
[/li][li]STOP WITH THE OMGEE LUA VIRUS THREADS. No one cares. Use the mega thread if you must:
[/li][li]Reporting bad Users/Servers is useless and just shows how stupid you are.
[/li][li]We have a million addon directory threads. Please search.
[/li][li]DarkRP trolling is grounds for ban
[/li][li]Use good thread titles. “omg plz halp” isn’t a good thread title, “GMod crashes, gives an error” is.
[/li][li]Help threads relating to performance problems or crashing need to have computer specs in them.

If you can't help, don't bother.

[li]Meme shit Image macros are dumb as fuck, day ban
[/li][li]No Flaming (duh)

That’s just off the top of my head, and are all suggestions. If you have any rules that you would like to see implemented post them.

Part 3: Enforcement

Look, psp, mensch, we all you know both of you have jobs and lives outside of facepunch. Without you doing anything, all of this is useless. You need to spend some more time moderating, and not to just stay a green. If you really can’t devote more time and effort into this, please talk to hezzy about it. Replacement/Addtional moderators would benefit the section.

That being said, these new rules would need to be enforced on a stricter basis. New threads should be looked at, as well a good amount of posts.

In closing, the gmod section needs a serious revamp and cleanup. New rules and moderation would only benfit it.

Blues, give us your opinion on the matter, as well as feedback to the suggested rules

I can agree. This particular forum is where most of the idiots congregate though, so even with new rules will we still get the shit threads. And I honestly don’t know where Ubermensch has been recently but his banning/ posting has dropped a hell of a lot.

This is pretty much the center for all little kids. The new rules will just give the mods something to work off of.

  1. Reporting bad Users/Servers is useless and just shows how stupid you are.

I dislike this rule somewhat because maybe the server is bad. It could contain a virus purposely installed by the owner.

But the user one, is just flaming.

Agreed. This section needs to be more about gMod, and less about single people’s experiences in the game.

Yea but time and time again people come in here complaining about a bad experience on a server, when in truth it’s the admin’s server, they can do what they want. Nobody really cares about it. As for virus servers, it’s usually just common sense that prevents people from wandering on to those.

I agree with this 100%

Agreed, I’m tired of idiots posting “OMG MY GMOD DUNT WORK” threads in the main Garry’s Mod board.

Above states the problems, but I doubt any reforms will happen. Just because we’ll always have idiots and the threads will always crop up. I agree, I just don’t see it being enforced.

bump, I want a mod comment on this.

Whoa! Is that a new alt account, cause that’s a buttload of posts

Also, great idea. I’m sick of reading through a thread and then finding out it was from '05 and some idiot necro’d it

Agreed, but this probably won’t happen.

Also if you guys think this section is bad, look at this section.

How about no more HELP MY SERVER DOESN’T WORK AND I CAN’T PORTFORWARD. (Variations of this also)

If the Server Hosting forum’s average post hadn’t dropped from useful threads like,


What ever happened to actual good threads where people gave good advice and people who needed help accepted it.

That section is bad because no one really cares about it anymore. It’s beyond repair.


Slayer we should work on a trouble shooting guide for the section, that might help out.

It’s amazing how many people I ban per day due to wrong section threads. It seems peope just can’t read any more.

All me.

Anymore? They never could.

This lowers the punishment, iirc. Last I checked, warez == perma. Lower the punishment == encourage moar warez.

And they shouldn’t just be moved to H&S after the ban because…?

Agree with all.

Don’t care either way.

Should be standard rule on every forum on the Internet

Agree with all.

Should be a given.

Warez is a standard 7 day, but it’s still moderator’s discretion. As for DDT help threads in the wrong place, it drives home the point more.