GMod Selfies - Finally a way to take selfies and post them online while playing!

GMod selfies is a public addon driven by the community that uses it that allows players to take quick snaps of what they’re doing in-game and post it on a public online library for everyone to see!

How it works
GMod selfies is just a weapon that your server will have and it will be given to everyone who is playing.
The weapon is designed to allow the player to take a “snap” of there screen, and then can set a custom message and 'Upload it to the internet` in less then a minute.
Then, they will be redirected to a public channel that renders all the current selfies and pictures, that have traces of the player who posted it as well date and perhaps more future features.

Whats the point?
I just felt like releasing something for free, and something I thought would be pretty cool and casual, as this doesn’t really modify the gameplay in anyway, it just allows players to share their moments with others.

Why not just use steam screenshots?
Well, that’s a good point, but what makes this different is it’s designed for “selfies” even though it has a option to “flip the view”, this is also publicized in a different way, rather than just to your friends, it will be posted to everyone else who uses this addon, so the more people that use it, the more popular your picture will be!

Current stage: BETA

I will be uploading this on workshop:
go here

Check out the website:


Oh great…

[sp]nice work btw[/sp]

Hahah, I love this - good work

Cool. Do pictures autoupload or do we have to submit them?

You submit them, after taking a picture with the weapon it will pop up with a menu that allows you to enter the text and review the picture.

I find it pretty neat that you can upload it for everyone to see and share. Good work and release!

Nice job Ray, looks great. The concept of online uploading is pretty cool.

Great job on the website, I think it definitely adds a lot to the addon.

Fuck you. But looks like fun - nice work

Facebook integration when?

Lmao this is actually great.

Can you release the web part too?

You should make this an app for GPhone


Such a good idea.

Very good idea, good job.

I realize that this is in Beta stage, but you need to work on the design (both menu & website).

This is pretty cool, but it might be worth making it so you have to sign in to be able to vote on images, since you can just write a script to spam votes.

You should take a look at something like Bootstrap or Foundation for your website. Both are really nice CSS/JS frameworks.


I have finally fixed the script!